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(EclipseLink's Caching)
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* [[/WhatIsSDO|What are Service Data Objects: SDO]]
* [[/WhatIsSDO|What are Service Data Objects: SDO]]
== EclipseLink EIS ==
== EclipseLink NoSQL ==
* [[/WhatIsEIS|What is Non-Relational EIS: JCA]]
* [[/NoSQL|What is EclipseLink NoSQL]]
== EclipseLink EIS ==
* [[/NoSQL|What is Non-Relational EIS: JCA]]
See [[EclipseLink/UserGuide/Developing EIS Projects (ELUG)|Developing EIS Projects]] in the [[EclipseLink/UserGuide|EclipseLink User's Guide]] for more information.
== EclipseLink Database Web Services==
== EclipseLink Database Web Services==

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This is the EclipseLink FAQ, please feel free to post "common" questions here about EclipseLink that you believe "other" users we find "useful". Please do not use this to ask general questions or for issues you are having using the product or for support, please post these types of questions to the EclipseLink Forum.

Please add your questions to the most suitable category or create a new category. (to add a question edit this page and provide a link to your question).


These are general frequently asked questions focused on what the Eclipse Persistence Services (EclipseLink) project is, what the various persistence services are as well as general questions about the project.

Complete list of general questions and their answers

EclipseLink's Caching

EclipseLink's object-caching is one of its most powerful and unique features. The caching applies to users of EclipseLink's JPA (and Native ORM), DBWS, and EIS. These frequently asked questions focus on how EclipseLink's entity cache works and how it is most commonly used and configured.

See Caching with EclipseLink and Guidelines for Configuring the Cache and Identity Maps in the EclipseLink User's Guide for additional information.

EclipseLink JPA, ORM

See Developing JPA Projects in the EclipseLink User's Guide for more information.

EclipseLink MOXy

EclipseLink SDO

EclipseLink NoSQL

EclipseLink EIS

EclipseLink Database Web Services

EclipseLink Utils