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TypeHelper - Access Metadata

XSDHelper - Access XML Schema Metadata

DataFactory - Create DataObjects

DataHelper - Convert Simple Values

XMLHelper - Handle XML Data as DataObjects

CopyHelper - Create Copies of DataObjects

EqualityHelper - Compare DataObjects

EqualityHelper provides a convenient means of comparing DataObjects.

EqualityHelper equalityHelper = helperContext.getEqualityHelper();

Shallow Equal

Two DataObjects are considered shallow equal if the data objects are of the same type and all the values of all dataType=true properties (excluding the ChangeSummary property) are equal.

boolean isShallowEqual = equalityHelper.equalShallow(dataObject1, dataObject2);

Deep Equal

Two DataObjects are considered deep equal if the data objects and the trees that they belong to are both equal.

boolean isDeepEqual = equalityHelper.equal(dataObject1, dataObject2);

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