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Under Construction

Comic Example using RCP

Software Required

This example illustrates the use of EclipseLink JPA in a simple RCP application. Running this example requires OSGi (Equinox) as well as the following bundles.

  • EclipseLink OSGi bundles
    • org.eclipse.persistence.core
    • org.eclipse.persistence.asm
    • org.eclipse.persistence.antlr
    • javax.persistence
    • org.eclipse.persistence.jpa
    • javax.persistence (version 1.99 required for OSGI)
  • JDBC Driver (Derby)
    • org.eclipse.persistence.derby
  • Example Bundles
    • org.eclipse.persistence.example.jpa.comics.model.annotated
    • org.eclipse.persistence.example.jpa.comics.setup
    • org.eclipse.persistence.example.jpa.rcp.comics

Running with Eclipse IDE

The example can easily be run within the Eclipse IDE ...