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Running the JAXB Compiler

The JAXB compiler can be run to generate JAXB-annotated Java classes from an XML Schema:

<ECLIPSELINK_HOME>/eclipselink/bin/jaxb-compiler.sh <source-file.xsd> [-options]
<ECLIPSELINK_HOME>\eclipselink\bin\jaxb-compiler.cmd <source-file.xsd> [-options]
Options include:
   -d <dir>                     Specifies the output directory for generated files
   -p <pkg>                     Specifies the target package
   -classpath <arg>             Specifies where to find user class files
   -verbose                     Enable verbose output
   -quiet                       Suppress compiler output
   -version                     Display version information
For a complete list of compiler options:
   jaxb-compiler.sh -help
   jaxb-compiler.sh -d jaxb-compiler-output config/Customer.xsd