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EclipseLink supports the use of JAXB with externalized mapping files. These mapping files support specifying the Object-XML binding of JAXB 2.2 annotations plus many of the advanced mapping and configuration options provided by EclipseLink MOXy.


How to use eclipselink-orm.xml

In order to specify the mappings between domain objects and an XSD an application must provide:

  1. An XML mapping file per package
  2. A file specifying EclipseLink as the JAXB implementation

Example Mapping File: /model/eclipselink-oxm.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII"?>
        <java-type name="mynamespace.Person">
            <xml-root-element name="person"/>
                <xml-element java-attribute="name" />

Specifying the EclipseLink MOXy Runtime

To specify the EclipseLink MOXy (JAXB) runtime should be used you need to add a file called in the same package as the domain classes with the following entry.


Specifying the mapping files

In order to configure EclipseLink MOXy to use the mapping files ...