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== Installation  ==
== Installation  ==
#First checkout the examples from git. The example explained in this tutorial is stored under [ student] folder.
#Clone "examples" from git. The "student" example is stored under [ student] folder.
     git clone git://
     git clone git://

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Simple JPA-RS Example - student

The "student" example is intended to be the "Hello World" example of using JPA-RS with a single entity persistence unit in a web application.


The following are the minimal requirements for this example.


The following steps will be performed in setting up and running this example in your own environment

  1. Installation & Configuration
    1. Check example out of GIT
    2. Database connectivity
    3. GlassFish Configuration
    4. Verify config
    5. Populate database
  2. Running the Example
    1. Deploy Web Application
    2. View metadata
    3. Query entities
    4. Create entity
    5. Delete entity
    6. Update entity


  1. Clone "examples" from git. The "student" example is stored under student folder.
   git clone git://


Running the Example

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