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EclipseLink has extended support for stored procedure execution including:

A stored procedure call be used in any query to read objects, or read or modify raw data.

Any CRUD or mapping operation can also be overridden using a stored procedure call using a DescriptorCustomizer and the DescriptorQueryManager API.

Oracle stored procedure using OUT CURSOR


Using JpaEntityManager createQuery() API to execute a stored procedure

import javax.persistence.Query;
import org.eclipse.persistence.queries.StoredProcedureCall;
import org.eclipse.persistence.queries.ReadAllQuery;
ReadAllQuery databaseQuery = new ReadAllQuery(Employee.class);
StoredProcedureCall call = new StoredProcedureCall();
Query query = ((JpaEntityManager)entityManager.getDelegate()).createQuery(databaseQuery);
List<Employee> result = query.getResultList();

Using @NamedStoredProcedureQuery to define a stored procedure

public class Employee {

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