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How To Migrate from OpenJPA to EclipseLink JPA

Migrating from OpenJPA to EclipseLink JPA involves a number of standard JPA migration steps plus modification of code to handle extended functionality.

  1. Persistence.XML
    Convert provider and persistence unit properties
  2. Query Hints
    Convert query hint names used in named and dynamic queries
  3. Mappings
    Convert/Fix some non-standard mappings available in OpenJPA
  4. Extended Functionality
    Convert from OpenJPA's extended features
  5. Leverage EclipseLink's Advanced Capabilities

Convert Extended Functionality

OpenJPA does offer some features that go beyond the JPA specification the following sections describe these features and how you migrate to the corresponding functionality in EclipseLink.

  • BigCollection
  • FetchPlan/Group
  • Inheritance Casting
  • Native SQL with POJO results
  • Detached (Serialized) entities & relationships

Leverage EclipseLink