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Migration of Kodo to EclipseLink


Started 20090212 - under construction

This page will detail steps and issues surrounding migration from the Kodo JPA or JDO API's to EclipseLink JPA. It is a work in progress and will involve more familiarization with Kodo JDO.

Migration of Kodo JPA to EclipseLink JPA

Migration of Kodo JDO to EclipseLink JPA

  • Kodo supports the mapping of native sql query results to non-Entity POJOs. This is similar to the use of constructor expression in JPQL queries except the query is a native one. The restriction on making this work in Kodo is that the names of the result set columns must match the names of the attributes of the POJO.


  • Nov 2005 - BEA acquires the object persistence company SolarMetric Inc. and Kodo which supports EJB 3.0 and JDO
  • Apr 2008 - Oracle acquires BEA