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=Migrating from Hibernate to EclipseLink within the JBoss JSFEJB3 Example=
=Migrating from Hibernate to EclipseLink within the JBoss JSFEJB3 Example=
*These instructions are for users wishing to use EclipseLink as the JPA provider in place of Hibernate in the [ JBoss] container.
*These instructions are for users wishing to use EclipseLink as the JPA provider in place of Hibernate in the [ JBoss] container.
<b>This article may be somewhat out of date. Information for EclipseLink and JBoss AS 7 can be found here:</b>
*The scope of this document is a description of the required static weaving workaround for [ EJBTHREE-572] using the JBoss JSFEJB3 example as reference.  See the [ JPA Migration] page for an overall migration example.
*The scope of this document is a description of the required static weaving workaround for [ EJBTHREE-572] using the JBoss JSFEJB3 example as reference.  See the [ JPA Migration] page for an overall migration example.

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Migrating from Hibernate to EclipseLink within the JBoss JSFEJB3 Example

  • These instructions are for users wishing to use EclipseLink as the JPA provider in place of Hibernate in the JBoss container.

This article may be somewhat out of date. Information for EclipseLink and JBoss AS 7 can be found here:

  • The scope of this document is a description of the required static weaving workaround for EJBTHREE-572 using the JBoss JSFEJB3 example as reference. See the JPA Migration page for an overall migration example.
  • The EJB3 example on will be used as a common open-source example of how to migrate a small container managed web application from using Hibernate to using EclipeLink as the JPA provider.

persistence.xml Modifications

Note: the defaulted transaction-type attribute of the persistence-unit element.

Original persistence.xml

   <persistence-unit name="helloworld">
         <property name="hibernate.dialect" value="org.hibernate.dialect.HSQLDialect"/>
         <property name="" value="create-drop"/>

Modified persistence.xml

<xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<persistence version="1.0" xmlns="" 
  <persistence-unit name="helloworld">
    <!-- Entities must be specified for EclipseLink weaving -->
      <property name="" value="HSQL"/>
      <property name="eclipselink.ddl-generation" value="drop-and-create-tables"/>
      <property name="eclipselink.ddl-generation.output-mode" value="database"/>
      <property name="" value="JBoss"/>
      <property name="eclipselink.weaving" value="false"/>
      <property name="eclipselink.logging.level" value="FINEST"/>
  • The following changes must be done to persistence.xml

Set target-server

The fix for EJBTHREE-572 requires that the PersistenceUnit state the JBoss platform using the target-server property. We recommend the short name JBoss (but the full package name org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.jboss.JBossPlatform is supported).

  • See org.eclipse.persistence.config.TargetServer for a list of container platforms supported.
<property name="" value="JBoss"/>

Set target-database

To continue to use the HSQL (Hypersonic) Database all you need to do is define the target-database in the persistence unit, we recommend the short name HSQL (but the full package name org.eclipse.persistence.platform.database.HSQLPlatform is supported).

  • See org.eclipse.persistence.config.TargetDatabase for a list of databases supported.
<property name="" value="HSQL"/>

Drop/Create Database

The tables will be automatically dropped and created by EclipseLink with the following 2 properties in the persistence unit. For production environments you would normally already have the schema setup on the database, so using the following schema generation properties will erase any previous existing tables and are normally used for example/demo purposes.

<property name="eclipselink.ddl-generation" value="drop-and-create-tables"/>
<property name="eclipselink.ddl-generation.output-mode" value="database"/>

JTA Datasource Configuration

No changes are required in the deploy directory of JBoss 4.2.2 out of the box to run HSQL.

@EJB Injection/JNDI lookup Modifications

  • The @EJB injection annotation does not currently work outside of the JBoss EJB container - for example in the servlet container. The solution is to use a custom JNDI lookup which is not in standard JNDI naming format such as "java:comp/env/ejb/jsfejb3/TodoDao" - this code is already on the session DAO bean.
InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();
return (TodoDaoInt) ctx.lookup("jsfejb3/TodoDao/local");

Static Weaving / EAR Packaging Modifications

  • This example does not require weaving - this section is for reference and can be skipped.
  • Dynamic weaving (byte-code instrumentation) is not currently available in JBoss 4.2.2 because of JIRA EJBTHREE-572. Our workaround is to statically weave the entities by running the following Ant task before creating your EJB jar during EAR packaging. You must use the statically weaved classes if you would like to use LAZY 1-1 and many-1 functionality.
  • See 229634: JBoss predeploy workaround
  • Note: that the ant task references persistence.jar, eclipselink.jar and the persistence 1.0 XSD - you may reference these where they exist on your system.
  • Note: persistence.xml must have both the <xml> element declaration and the namespace validation references in the <persistence> element.
  • Ant static weaving ant task
<target name="run-weaver">
  <taskdef name="weave" classname="">
      <pathelement path="${libs}/persistence.jar"/>
      <pathelement path="${libs}/eclipselink.jar"/>
      <pathelement path="${libs}/persistence_1_0.xsd"/>
  <!-- process the weaving function, persistenceInfo references persistence.xml -->
  <weave source="build/classes_unweaved"



  • You should see the following on your Ant log.
C:\wse\w34b\jbossHWEAR>ant -lib c:\wse\w34b\jbossHWEAR -f build.xml
Buildfile: build.xml
   [delete] Deleting directory C:\wse\w34b\jbossHWEAR\build
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\wse\w34b\jbossHWEAR\build\classes
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\wse\w34b\jbossHWEAR\build\classes_unweaved
    [javac] Compiling 5 source files to C:\wse\w34b\jbossHWEAR\build\classes_unweaved
    [javac] Note: C:\wse\w34b\jbossHWEJB\ejbModule\ uses unchecked or unsafe operations.
    [javac] Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\wse\w34b\jbossHWEAR\build\jars
      [jar] Building jar: C:\wse\w34b\jbossHWEAR\build\jars\app_unweaved.jar
    [weave] [EL Finer] : 2008.05.05 16:30:41.216--ServerSession(29857804)--Thread(Thread[main,5,main])--Searching for default mapping file in file:/C:/wse/w34b/jbossHWEAR/build/jars/app_unweaved.jar
    [weave] [EL Finer] : 2008.05.05 16:30:41.246--ServerSession(29857804)--Thread(Thread[main,5,main])--Found a default mapping file at jar:file:/C:/wse/w34b/jbossHWEAR/build/jars/app_unweaved.jar!/META-INF/orm.xml for root URL file:/C:/wse/w34b/jbossHWEAR/build/jars/app_unweaved.jar
    [weave] [EL Config]: 2008.05.05 16:30:41.878--ServerSession(29857804)--Thread(Thread[main,5,main])--The table name for entity [Todo] is being defaulted to: TODO.
    [weave] [EL Config]: 2008.05.05 16:30:41.891--ServerSession(29857804)--Thread(Thread[main,5,main])--The discriminator column name for the root inheritance class [class Todo] is being defaulted to: DTYPE.
    [weave] [EL Config]: 2008.05.05 16:30:41.928--ServerSession(29857804)--Thread(Thread[main,5,main])--The column name for element [public java.lang.String Todo.getDescription()] is being defaulted to: DESCRIPTION.
    [weave] [EL Config]: 2008.05.05 16:30:41.937--ServerSession(29857804)--Thread(Thread[main,5,main])--The column name for element [public java.lang.String Todo.getTitle()] is being defaulted to: TITLE.
    [weave] [EL Finer] : 2008.05.05 16:30:41.950--ServerSession(29857804)--Thread(Thread[main,5,main])--Class [Todo] registered to be processed by weaver.
    [weave] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.05 16:30:41.974--ServerSession(29857804)--Thread(Thread[main,5,main])--Begin weaver class transformer processing class [Todo].
    [weave] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.05 16:30:42.020--ServerSession(29857804)--Thread(Thread[main,5,main])--Weaved persistence (PersistenceEntity) [Todo].
    [weave] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.05 16:30:42.029--ServerSession(29857804)--Thread(Thread[main,5,main])--Weaved change tracking (ChangeTracker) [Todo].
    [weave] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.05 16:30:42.040--ServerSession(29857804)--Thread(Thread[main,5,main])--Weaved fetch groups (FetchGroupTracker) [Todo].
    [weave] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.05 16:30:42.053--ServerSession(29857804)--Thread(Thread[main,5,main])--End weaver class transformer processing class [Todo].
      [war] Building war: C:\wse\w34b\jbossHWEAR\build\jars\app.war
      [jar] Building jar: C:\wse\w34b\jbossHWEAR\build\jars\app.jar
      [ear] Building ear: C:\wse\w34b\jbossHWEAR\build\jars\jsfejb3.ear
     [copy] Copying 1 file to C:\opt\jboss422\server\default\deploy
Total time: 3 seconds

Weaving or Instrumentation

  • A diff of the unweaved and weaved bytecode will look like the following.

Eclipselink jboss weaving bytecode diff.jpg


  • Make sure the JBoss server is running when the ear is copied to the deploy directory or start the server.

10:13:11,063 INFO  [JmxKernelAbstraction] 	jboss.jca:name=DefaultDS,service=DataSourceBinding
10:13:11,064 INFO  [PersistenceUnitDeployment] Starting persistence unit persistence.units:ear=jsfejb3.ear,jar=app.jar,unitName=helloworld
10:13:11,230 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Warning]: 2008.05.08 10:13:11.205--Thread(Thread[main,5,jboss])--The temporary classLoader for PersistenceLoadProcessor [helloworld] is not available.  Switching classLoader to [{ url=file:/C:/opt/jboss422/server/default/tmp/deploy/tmp20649jsfejb3.ear ,addedOrder=45}].  Weaving has been disabled for this session. EclipseLink may be unable to get a spec mandated temporary class loader from the server, you may be able to use static weaving as an optional workaround. 
10:13:11,238 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]:  2008.05.08 10:13:11.231--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[main,5,jboss])--Begin predeploying Persistence Unit helloworld; state Initial; factoryCount 0
10:13:11,241 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]:  2008.05.08 10:13:11.241--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[main,5,jboss])--property=eclipselink.weaving; value=true
10:13:11,241 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]:  2008.05.08 10:13:11.241--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[main,5,jboss])--property=eclipselink.orm.throw.exceptions; default value=true
10:13:11,259 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finer]:   2008.05.08 10:13:11.256--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[main,5,jboss])--Searching for default mapping file in file:/C:/opt/jboss422/server/default/tmp/deploy/tmp20649jsfejb3.ear-contents/app.jar
10:13:11,264 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finer]:   2008.05.08 10:13:11.263--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[main,5,jboss])--Found a default mapping file at jar:file:/C:/opt/jboss422/server/default/tmp/deploy/tmp20649jsfejb3.ear-contents/app.jar!/META-INF/orm.xml for root URL file:/C:/opt/jboss422/server/default/tmp/deploy/tmp20649jsfejb3.ear-contents/app.jar
10:13:12,007 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Config]:  2008.05.08 10:13:12.006--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[main,5,jboss])--The table name for entity [Todo] is being defaulted to: TODO.
10:13:12,011 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Config]:  2008.05.08 10:13:12.011--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[main,5,jboss])--The discriminator column name for the root inheritance class [class Todo] is being defaulted to: DTYPE.
10:13:12,042 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Config]:  2008.05.08 10:13:12.042--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[main,5,jboss])--The column name for element [public java.lang.String Todo.getDescription()] is being defaulted to: DESCRIPTION.
10:13:12,046 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Config]:  2008.05.08 10:13:12.046--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[main,5,jboss])--The column name for element [public java.lang.String Todo.getTitle()] is being defaulted to: TITLE.
10:13:12,048 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]:  2008.05.08 10:13:12.048--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[main,5,jboss])--End predeploying Persistence Unit helloworld; state Predeployed; factoryCount 1
10:13:12,088 INFO  [JmxKernelAbstraction] creating wrapper delegate for: org.jboss.ejb3.stateless.StatelessContainer
10:13:12,092 INFO  [JmxKernelAbstraction] installing MBean: jboss.j2ee:ear=jsfejb3.ear,jar=app.jar,name=TodoDao,service=EJB3 with dependencies:
10:13:12,092 INFO  [JmxKernelAbstraction] 	persistence.units:ear=jsfejb3.ear,jar=app.jar,unitName=helloworld
10:13:12,231 INFO  [EJBContainer] STARTED EJB: TodoDao ejbName: TodoDao
10:13:12,253 INFO  [EJB3Deployer] Deployed: file:/C:/opt/jboss422/server/default/tmp/deploy/tmp20649jsfejb3.ear-contents/app.jar
10:13:12,257 INFO  [TomcatDeployer] deploy, ctxPath=/jsfejb3, warUrl=.../tmp/deploy/tmp20649jsfejb3.ear-contents/app-exp.war/
10:13:12,704 INFO  [EARDeployer] Started J2EE application: file:/C:/opt/jboss422/server/default/deploy/jsfejb3.ear

Runtime Add new TODO and display

10:13:22,482 INFO  [STDOUT] >>>>new Todo: Todo@1397218
10:13:22,525 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.525--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss]); value=org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.jboss.JBossPlatform
10:13:22,526 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.526--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss]); value=org.eclipse.persistence.platform.database.HSQLPlatform
10:13:22,556 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Config]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.556--ServerSession(2522904)--Connection(28982303)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--Connected: jdbc:hsqldb:C:\opt\jboss422\server\default\data\hypersonic\localDB
	User: SA
	Database: HSQL Database Engine  Version: 1.8.0
	Driver: HSQL Database Engine Driver  Version: 1.8.0
10:13:22,596 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Info]:   2008.05.08 10:13:22.596--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--file:/C:/opt/jboss422/server/default/tmp/deploy/tmp20649jsfejb3.ear-contents/app.jar-helloworld login successful
10:13:22,621 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.621--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--Execute query DataModifyQuery()
10:13:22,621 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.621--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--reconnecting to external connection pool
10:13:22,622 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Fine]:   2008.05.08 10:13:22.622--ServerSession(2522904)--Connection(9673691)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--DROP TABLE TODO
10:13:22,627 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Warning]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.624--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--Exception [EclipseLink-4002] (Eclipse Persistence Services - 1.0 (Build SNAPSHOT - 20080502)): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.DatabaseException
Internal Exception: java.sql.SQLException: Table not found: TODO in statement [DROP TABLE TODO]
Error Code: -22 Call: DROP TABLE TODO Query: DataModifyQuery()
10:13:22,627 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.627--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--Execute query DataModifyQuery()
10:13:22,628 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.628--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--reconnecting to external connection pool
10:13:22,628 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Fine]:   2008.05.08 10:13:22.628--ServerSession(2522904)--Connection(24215639)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--CREATE TABLE TODO (ID NUMERIC(19) NOT NULL, DTYPE VARCHAR(31), DESCRIPTION VARCHAR(255), TITLE VARCHAR(255), PRIMARY KEY (ID))
10:13:22,629 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.628--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--End deploying Persistence Unit helloworld; state Deployed; factoryCount 1
10:13:22,639 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finer]:  2008.05.08 10:13:22.639--ServerSession(2522904)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--client acquired
10:13:22,641 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finer]:  2008.05.08 10:13:22.641--UnitOfWork(9517133)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--TX binding to tx mgr, status=STATUS_ACTIVE
10:13:22,641 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.641--UnitOfWork(9517133)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--Execute query DoesExistQuery()
10:13:22,647 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.647--UnitOfWork(9517133)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--PERSIST operation called on: Todo@1397218.
10:13:22,648 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finer]:  2008.05.08 10:13:22.648--UnitOfWork(9517133)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--TX beforeCompletion callback, status=STATUS_ACTIVE
10:13:22,648 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finer]:  2008.05.08 10:13:22.648--UnitOfWork(9517133)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--begin unit of work commit
10:13:22,652 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finer]:  2008.05.08 10:13:22.652--ClientSession(25769070)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--TX beginTransaction, status=STATUS_ACTIVE
10:13:22,653 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.652--UnitOfWork(9517133)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--Execute query InsertObjectQuery(Todo@1397218)
10:13:22,655 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finest]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.655--ClientSession(25769070)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--reconnecting to external connection pool
10:13:22,655 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Fine]:   2008.05.08 10:13:22.655--ClientSession(25769070)--Connection(21848338)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--INSERT INTO TODO (ID, DESCRIPTION, TITLE, DTYPE) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)
	bind => [0, TEST, TEST, Todo]
10:13:22,665 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finer]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.664--UnitOfWork(9517133)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--TX afterCompletion callback, status=COMMITTED
10:13:22,666 INFO  [STDOUT] [EL Finer]: 2008.05.08 10:13:22.666--UnitOfWork(9517133)--Thread(Thread[http-,5,jboss])--end unit of work commit
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Jpa jboss jsfejb3 screencap.jpg


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