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=EclipseLink and JDeveloper 11 Integration=
=EclipseLink and JDeveloper 11 Integration=
*Under construction as of 20081010
==Download JDeveloper==
*The following download site has the latest Oct 2008 version of JDeveloper 11
===Installing JDeveloper and Embedded WebLogic===
You may install JDeveloper and the embedded Oracle WebLogic server into the default middleware home locations.
==Project Generation==
===Native sessions.xml Generation using embedded Mapping Workbench in JDeveloper===
The following screen captures show how to generate a sessions.xml configuration using JDeveloper 11.
*Verify that you have a valid platform-class in your login element in the sessions.xml.  If this platform-class is missing, select the generic Oracle platform, save, reselect Oracle11 and save again.
<source lang="xml">
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Cp1252"?>
<sessions version="1.0.1" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
<session xsi:type="database-session">
  <server-platform xsi:type="weblogic-10-platform"/>
  <login xsi:type="database-login">
    <default-sequence xsi:type="table-sequence"/>

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EclipseLink and JDeveloper 11 Integration

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