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* [[EclipseLink/Examples/JPA/NoSQL | Accessing MongoDB through JPA]]
* [[EclipseLink/Examples/JPA/NoSQL | Accessing MongoDB through JPA]]
* [[EclipseLink/Examples/PolyglotPersistence | Polyglot Persistence (Relational and NoSQL)]]
== MOXy (Object-XML) Examples ==
== MOXy (Object-XML) Examples ==

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This page will serve as an index into examples developers can easily leverage to accomplish common tasks with EclipseLink. Be sure to review the EclipseLink Documentation Center for complete information on using EclipseLink.

Source code to several of these examples, and to other examples can be found in EclipseLink's SVN repository, here, or accessed through SVN, or downloads.

Foundation Examples

JPA (Object-Relational) Examples

NoSQL Examples

MOXy (Object-XML) Examples

SDO Examples

DBWS Examples

OSGi Examples

EclipseLink OSGi support is provided by the Eclipse Gemini JPA project. See the Gemini documentation for examples.

Case Studies

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