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The EclipseLink test suites are written using JUnit. They consist of a set of jars and classes that contain various tests and resources. The tests are contained in the eclipselink.*.test projects. This page is intended to outline the setup and execution steps required to successfully run the JUnit tests. There are 2 ways to checkout EclipseLink and for each of these there are 2 ways to run tests.

  1. Checkout using [| Subclipse] all projects individually into your eclipse workspace
    1. Build classes in eclipse and run/debug there
    2. Build/run classes using Ant
  2. Checkout using [| TortoiseSVN] the root trunk into a folder outside your workspace (IE: c:/view_el) and either use ant to build an eclipselink.jar or create proxy projects using link to source from eclipse - Recommended if you would like to build the eclipselink.jar - but you will requires some changes.
    1. Build classes in eclipse and run/debug there
    2. Build/run classes using Ant


  • [| TortoiseSVN] and a saved [| PuTTY] SSH session
  • TortoiseSVN - network setting - SSH client set as <TortoiseSVN_HOME>\bin\TortoisePlink -l <userName> -pw <password_cleartext>

Explorer right click svn settings menu.JPG

  • Eclipse 3.2|3.3|1.5 installed with the subclipse plug-in for in-eclipse checkouts
  • Referenced core projects eclipselink.core and eclipselink.lib checked out into workspace or view
  • Required projects for your specific view eclipselink.sdo|moxy|jpa|dbws, eclipselink.sdo|moxy|jpa|dbws.lib and eclipselink.sdo|moxy|jpa|dbws.test checked out into workspace or view
  • If using Ant instead of Eclipse to run - edit either at this project level or better - globally override the following in your user directory on windows: C:/Documents and Settings/<user-dir>/
javaee.lib=<jar_location>/javaee.jar - required by MOXy or core tests
  • Override any project specific variables in your <user-dir>/ depending on whether you are running inside an eclipse workspace or outside.

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