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(Interested Participants)
(Interested Participants)
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* Vikram Bhatia, Oracle (Bangalore, India)
* Vikram Bhatia, Oracle (Bangalore, India)
* John Vandale, Oracle (Burlington)
* John Vandale, Oracle (Burlington)
* Karen Butzke, Oracle (Raleigh) - Eclipse Dali
* [[|Karen Butzke]], Oracle (Raleigh) - Eclipse Dali
* Andreas Fischbach, SAP (Walldorf)
* Andreas Fischbach, SAP (Walldorf)
* Adrian Görler, SAP (Walldorf)
* Adrian Görler, SAP (Walldorf)

Revision as of 09:28, 23 April 2010

EclipseLink Summit 2010

May 25-27, 2010 - Oracle Offices Ottawa Canada

This Summit will offer interested committers an opportunity to dive deeper into the implementation. Long time and new committers, contributors, and consumers will get together and exchange information about the project with the goal of increasing the shared knowledge and capturing it in updated architecture and design documents.

Organizer: Doug Clarke

Agenda (Draft)

Day 1: Tuesday May 25, 2010

Time Topic Speaker(s)
0900 Welcome dclarke
0930 Project Overview dclarke
1000 Architectural gyorke
1200 Lunch
1300 Mapping & Metamodel guy
1400 Queries TBD
1500 Caching TBD
1600 Transactions TBD
1700 Open Q&A dclarke

Group Dinner: TBD

Day 2: Wednesday May 26, 2010

Time Topic Speaker(s)
0900 Welcome dclarke
0930 Queries TBD
1100 Caching TBD
1200 Lunch
1300 Transactions TBD
1500 Management/Diagnostics TBD
1630 Open Q&A TBD

Helios Demo Camp

Day 3: Thursday May 27, 2010

Time Topic Speaker(s)
0900 EclipseLink Processes pkrogh
1100 EclipseRT Jeff Mcaffer
1200 Lunch
1300 Gemini JPA mkeith
1330 EclipseLink and OSGi tware
1600 Future Directions dclarke
1700 Wrap-up dclarke

Dinner: ???

Proposed Topics List

  • Caching: shared, isolated, lock types, concurrency analysis
  • Mapping
    • JPA
    • EclipseLink extended JPA
    • Native metamodel and legacy configuration
    • Programmatic configuration and customization
  • Query
    • Native Query execution paths
    • JPA Query -> Native Query with Hints (JPQL & Criteria)
    • Native (SQL) Queries
    • Stored Procedure/Function
    • Statement & Call
  • Transactions
    • UnitOfWork operations
    • RepeatableWriteUnitOfWork
  • Metadata: project, Descriptors & Policies, Mappings, Processing
  • Session types
  • Management & Diagnostics
  • Dynamic Persistence
  • SDO with JPA
  • MOXy with JPA
  • EclipseLink and OSGi
    • Gemini JPA
    • OSGi build & testing

Perform any architectural/design reviews for long term changes we want to work towards

  • Further modularizing the bundles
  • Metadata direction for extended functionality versus spec
  • Horizontal data partitioning
  • SessionBroker for JPA
  • Adopting Gemini JPA
  • Database Notification of Change Solutions

Prepare new and review overall project policies

  • Addition of new 3rd party dependencies
  • Deprecation and removal of API policies
  • JPA extensions and risks with future specs
  • Future Spec versions: plans and wish lists
  • Development process: release planning, burn-down, status reports
  • Quality measurements: code coverage, find bugs, ...
  • Future project Direction and priorities: What is the next big thing for EclipseLink?

If you have additional topics please add them to the discussion page.


The event will be hosted at the Oracle offices in Ottawa, Canada. All participants who wish to attend in person are responsible for their own travel and living expenses.

Interested Participants

Please add your name to this list if you are interested in participating.

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