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EclipseLink Road Map

The following are the future release plans for EclipseLink. Summary of previous releases available here.

1.1 Release: Feb 2009

  • SDO 2.1.1 Compliance
  • Initial release of DBWS functionality
  • Data Access Service enabling SDO wrapping POJOs or JPA entities
  • JPA Enhancements
    • Unidirectional 1:M Mapping
    • TABLE_PER_CLASS Inheritance

= 1.1.1 - Galileo Release Train

  • Release Train Requirements
  • OSGi Usage Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes

2.0: Fall2009

  • JPA: 2.0 Compliance
  • MOXy
    • Annotation support for advanced functionality
    • JAXB 2.1 Certification
  • SDO: Data Access Service integrating SDO with JPA


The following is a list of potential future enhancements to the EclipseLink project.

  • Foundation
    • Extend pluggable caching to include a reference implementation
  • JPA
    • Replace original deployment XML with eclipselink-orm.xml - add additional advanced features
    • Improve usability of native features through JPA
      • Historical sessions and querying
    • Migration: Improve documentation and utilities
  • MOXy
    • Additional annotations to expose advanced mapping capabilities
    • Enhanced support for OXM.XML
      • Simplify XSD
      • Support usage in combination with annotations
  • SDO
    • DAS support for leveraging SDO Change Summary

All bugs and enhancement requests targeted for 'Future'

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