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EclipseLink Feature Template

Enhancement Request bug XXXXX

Date Committer(s) Description
DD/MM/YY dclarke Initial proposal
DD/MM/YY dclarke Requirements review completed
DD/MM/YY dclarke Design completed and sent for review
DD/MM/YY dclarke Design review completed and comments incorporated
DD/MM/YY dclarke Code changes attached to bug for review
DD/MM/YY dclarke Final code changes approved by review and checked in. ER closed


Brief description of the feature.

Functional Requirements

List of requirements that will be addressed by this feature. These requirements are the contract with the community and should be reviewed and agreed upon using the dev mailing list.


High level design describing the changes that will be made to the EclipseLink code base. Describe what components will be changed, new functional units that will be added, and existing functional units that will be changed. This high level design must be reviewed and kept current with development efforts. When completed this section will capture


What documentation needs to be modified or added to assit users in the effective use of this feature

  • JavaDocs
  • Wiki User Guide
  • Examples


Describe the testing being added to the SRG/LRG as well as any modifications to existing test models, test/suites, or harness.

Open Issues

During the development of this feature capture open issues here. Others can add open issues here that they believe should be addressed.


Capture any resolved issues that may not be evident from the requirements or design.

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