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This is the main development page for EclipseLink performance.

EclipseLink performance is tracked through several mechanism.

  • Weekly regression performance unit tests.
  • Milestone third party product performance unit tests comparisons.
  • Milestone concurrency regression unit tests.
  • Milestone performance regression unit tests.
  • Public standard benchmarks such as SPECjAppServer ®.


CorePerformanceComparisonModelCompares the performance of different operations (reading vs batch reading)
CorePerformanceTestModelCompares performance for each test against previous result.
CoreConcurrencyComparisonTestModelCompares concurrency for each test using 1 to 32 threads.
CoreConcurrencyRegressionTestModelCompares concurrnecy for each test against previous result.
JPAJPAPerformanceRegressionModelCompares performance for each test against previous result.
JPAJPAIsolatedPerformanceRegressionModelCompares performance without caching.
JPAHibernateJPAPerformanceRegressionModelCompares EclipseLink with Hibernate.
JPAEssentialsJPAPerformanceRegressionModelCompares EclipseLink with TopLink Essentials.
JPATopLinkJPAPerformanceRegressionModelCompares EclipseLink with TopLink.


Date last run Test Build Baseline Machine Server JDK Database OS Ran by Runner Pass Error Fail Warning Total Success
2008-03-02 PerformanceTestModel 1.0:20080228 TopLink 11gR1:080218 AMD 4-CPU JSE Sun JDK 1.5 Oracle 11gR1 Linux James ant 62 0 0 0 62 Passed