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This is the main development page for EclipseLink performance.

EclipseLink performance is tracked through several mechanisms.

  • Weekly regression performance unit tests.
  • Milestone third party product performance unit tests comparisons.
  • Milestone concurrency regression unit tests.
  • Milestone performance regression unit tests.
  • Public standard benchmarks such as SPECjAppServer ®.


CorePerformanceComparisonModelCompares the performance of different operations (reading vs batch reading)
CorePerformanceTestModelCompares performance for each test against previous result.
CoreConcurrencyComparisonTestModelCompares concurrency for each test using 1 to 32 threads.
CoreConcurrencyRegressionTestModelCompares concurrnecy for each test against previous result.
JPAJPAPerformanceRegressionModelCompares performance for each test against previous result.
JPAJPAConcurrencyComparisonTestModelCompares concurrency for each test using 1 to 32 threads.
JPAJPAIsolatedPerformanceRegressionModelCompares performance without caching.
JPAHibernateJPAPerformanceRegressionModelCompares EclipseLink with Hibernate.
JPAOpenJPAJPAPerformanceRegressionModelCompares EclipseLink with OpenJPA.
JPAEssentialsJPAPerformanceRegressionModelCompares EclipseLink with TopLink Essentials.
JPATopLinkJPAPerformanceRegressionModelCompares EclipseLink with TopLink.
JPAJPAMemoryLeakModelTests for possible memory leaks in EclipseLink.



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