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Java SE 6 Integration

(This page is under construction as of 20080102)

This section describes current issues and resolutions for compiling and running EclipseLink on a Sun Java 6 JRE (currently 1.6.0_03-b05).

What is not working

  • eclipselink.jpa test - UnsupportedClassVersionError when running using 1.6 compiled classes in core.
    • Workaround: for now, compile core under 1.5 and run tests under 1.6 to get the junit report
  • eclipselink.sdo.test - Class generation fails using 1.6 tools.jar.
  • eclipselink.moxy - (javax.xml.bind) JAXB 2.0 is now moved from the JWSDP to JDK1.6 - API collisions will need to be sorted out

Compile-Time Support

  • Compiling under 1.6.0 with a target of 1.5 is working fine.
  • There are 133 errors in 213261 as follows when compiling under 1.6.0 with a target of 1.6 in the following test projects
    • eclipselink.core.test
    • New JDBC 4.0 Intefaces - stubs were added
    • Changes to the java.sql package in the JDBC 4.0 API added new interface changes that affect our test code using the following classes
      • Wrapper, Connection, DataSource, PreparedStatement, Statement and ResultSet
      • These changes are not Java SE 5 backwards compatible.

Run-Time Support

Features new to Java 1.6

  • The following features new to Java 1.6 are being considered for the future as enhancements or customer requests. These features will only be available when we have moved our compile baseline from 1.5 to 1.6.

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