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Java SE 6 Integration

(This page is under construction as of 20080102)

This section describes current issues and resolutions for compiling and running EclipseLink on a Sun Java 6 JRE (currently 1.6.0_03-b05).

What is not working

  • eclipselink.jpa test - UnsupportedClassVersionError when running using 1.6 compiled classes in core.
    • Workaround: for now, compile core under 1.5 and run tests under 1.6 to get the junit report
  • eclipselink.sdo.test - Class generation fails using 1.6 tools.jar.
  • eclipselink.moxy - (javax.xml.bind) JAXB 2.0 is now moved from the JWSDP to JDK1.6 - API collisions will need to be sorted out

Compile-Time Support

  • There are 133 errors in 213261 as follows when compiling under 1.6.0 in the following test projects
    • eclipselink.core.test
    • New JDBC 4.0 RowId
    • Changes to the java.sql package in the JDBC 4.0 API added new interface changes that affect our test code using the following classes
      • Wrapper, Connection, DataSource, PreparedStatement, Statement and ResultSet
      • These changes are not Java SE 5 backwards compatible.

Run-Time Support

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