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EclipseLink/Development/JPA 2.0/canonical model generation

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Canonical model generation

JPA 2.0 Root | bug 267391


Issue Summary

With the new Criteria API from the JPA 2.0 spec, EclipseLink can now produce static metamodel classes that correspond to the entities, mapped superclasses, and embeddable classes in the persistence unit. A static metamodel class models the persistent state and relationships of the corresponding managed class.

For portability, EclipseLink generates this canonical metamodel as defined in section of the specification.

General solution

EclipseLink generates the static metamodel classes by using the the annotation processor tool (APT) in conjunction with its existing metadata processing of annotations.

For more information on APT, see: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/guide/apt/GettingStarted.html

End-user information

For additional information, see Using the Canonical Model Generator in the EclipseLink User Guide.

Work schedule

  1. Development: 4 weeks
  1. Testing: 1 week