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Note: This page describes an extension of EclipseLink that is part of the EclipseLink incubator. Incubator projects are published so the community can use them either to progress towards having them included in the main product, or to use in their own implementations. They have been tested to varying levels and as such, we recommend doing your own testing before including any of this code in a production-level product.


  • bug 380226 (Database Platform for SAP HANA Database) - Initial bug for taking HANAPlatform to the incubator (resolved)
  • bug 383862 (Preparing Database Platform for SAP HANA Database for Promotion into trunk) - Bug for collecting/tracking test issues


This is a subclass of DatabasePlatform that can be used by customers using the SAP HANA database.



Limitations of the Platform

  • Reserved SQL keywords cannot be used as table, column or sequence names. Use a different name, or enclose the name in double quotes. For example: @Column(name="\"LANGUAGE\"")
  • Pessimistic locking adds 'FOR UPDATE' to the SELECT statement, and cannot be used with queries that use DISTINCT.
  • Pessimistic locking cannot be used with queries that select from multiple tables - see bug 384129
  • The LockNoWait option of Pessimistic Locking cannot be used; it is ignored when specified (i.e. only 'FOR UPDATE' is added to the SELECT statement).
  • Bulk update and delete operations that require multiple tables to be accessed cannot be used (e.g. bulk operation on an entity that is part of an inheritance hierarchy, UpdateAll and DeleteAll queries).
  • '= NULL' and '<> NULL' cannot be used for null comparisons in the WHERE clause. Use 'IS (NOT) NULL' instead.
  • Scrollable cursors are not supported - see bug 384116.
  • Query timeouts are not supported - see bug 384135.



Level of Testing

8. January 2013

  • EclipseLink master (commit 6ab99facb11afea664fe871f523ae3d2eebde050) + HANA Platform (commit 89106f515530b763a76179832b8e1fbcbc17f58e) + patches from the following bugs: bug 396259, bug 384116, bug 397558, bug 397559
  • JDBC Driver: SAP In-Memory Database JDBC Driver 1.00.31 Build 0362930-1510
Test Name Tests Failures/Errors
Core SRG 693 0
Core LRG 8001 1
JPA SRG 244 0
JPA LRG 2902 1
JPA WDF 852 1
Server LRG (GlassFish v3)  ?  ?

Details on Errors/Failures

Core LRG
Test Name Bug Description/Reason
org.eclipse.persistence.testing.tests.feature.CacheStatementBatchWritingTest.CacheStatementBatchWritingTest n/a Statements were not cached correctly
Test Name Bug Description/Reason
org.eclipse.persistence.testing.tests.jpa.advanced.JPAAdvancedTestModel.JPAAdvancedTestModel n/a sql syntax error
Test Name Bug Description/Reason
org.eclipse.persistence.testing.tests.wdf.jpa1.generator.TestSequence.testAllocSize n/a wrong allocation expected:<4> but was:<2>

Location of tests and examples

No specific tests or examples have been written