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EclipseLink Extensions Incubator

This incubator bug 258347 will allow the development of extensions to EclipseLink that illustrate to users how similar extensions can be written. The extensions include:

  • Database Platforms
  • Expression Operators
  • Event Listeners
  • Query Re-directors
  • Server Platforms
  • ...

Each extension will be maintained in its own project with self contained test cases to illustrate and verify its usage. EclipseLink users can then use these extensions as per their EPL/EDL licensing terms. Over time extensions in this incubator may be migrated into core functionality. At that time the associated wiki content will be updated to include migration instructions to upgrade to the shipped implementation. Each project in this incubator should have its own bug associated so that users of the extension can add themselves to the cc list and therefore be notified of enhancements and migration of functionality into the project's distributed bundles/JARs.

Extension Projects

|| Bug || Description || Comments or Wiki link | ? | IngresDatabasePlatform | Custom platform provided by vendor. Needs to have all issues verified and certification testing sorted out. | ? | GraphInvalidationListener | SessionEventListener.postExecuteQuery that ensures all related objects returned from a query that are invalid in the cache are refreshed. | ? | NestedFetchGroup | Extended FetchGroup implementation supporting specifying a FetchGroup for related objects where the relationships are LAZY. | ? | FetchPlan | CUstom query redirector that allows the specification of required related objects that are forced to be loaded before the query result is returned.

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