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EclipseLink Incubation

The (proposed) Incubation component of EclipseLink allows new functionality and prototypes to be developed in isolation of the shipped components and does not affect the regular build/test processes. Each incubation sub-component will exist on its own and will be developed in association with an open bug or enhancement request.

Current Incubation Sub-Components

Name Committer(s) Wiki
200045 Dynamic Persistence dclarke EclipseLink/Development/JPA/Dynamic

Incubation Process Guidelines

The development of incubation sub-components is intended to be simple.

Creating a new Incubation Sub-Component

In order to create a new incubation sub-component the following steps should be followed:

  1. Open a bug or enhancement request for the proposed incubation work
  2. Send an email to the eclipselink-dev@eclipse.org mailing list proposing the bug for development in the incubation component
  3. At the next weekly committer meeting present the idea and seek approval

The creation and development of the sub-component should include the following:

  • Create a folder in the incubation component for the work /trunk/incubation/my-project
  • Create a WIKI for the work under: wiki.eclipse.org/Development/MyProject

Promoting an Incubation Sub-Component

After the incubation work has reached maturity and the owning committer(s) wish to promote it into the product