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EclipseLink/Development/Galileo Ramp Down

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EclipseLink Ramp Down for Galileo

This page outlines the ramp down plan for EclipseLink release for Galileo.

For reference, see Galileo Simultaneous Release, in particular the Milestones and Release Candidates.

Ramp Down Details

Milestone builds for EclipseLink are being tracked here: EclipseLink 1.1.1.

There is no plan to do a respin after April 30th, unless required for show stopper, or last minute build changes required to get into Galileo. Post April 30th, EclipseLink 1.1.1 is locked and in a QA phase.

Galileo Release Train

The table on this page tracks all the bugs that need to be closed by the Galileo timeframe.

Status on the open bugs as of May 5 2009:

  • 263366 - Orbit. EclipseLink has uploaded the required jars to Orbit - waiting on the next Orbit milestone to make required build changes.
  • 263363 - Signing of Jars. Underway - Target - May 8th, ready for RC1.
  • 263368 - New and Noteworthy - Waiting on M7, Target May 8th, ready for RC1.
  • 263377 - Babel PTT - The feasibility of doing this is being investigated. EclipseLink is translatable, as it has been being translated for many years.

Identifying Showstoppers

Bugs discovered in 1.1.1 are reviewed regularly, and can be voted on by commtters for inclusion in a potential respin.

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