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(New page: This page describes the GIT repository structure of the EclipseLink project. It is currently a proposal under discussion as part of {{bug|386325}}. __TOC__ == Repositories == The reposi...)
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This page describes the GIT repository structure of the EclipseLink project. It is currently a proposal under discussion as part of bug 386325.


The repositories that are hosted by the EclipseLink project are listed below. Within each repository's section is a list of projects contained within it. The test projects are excluded to simplify but are maintained within the same repository as the code they are testing.


The projects and build infrastructure

  • org.eclipse.persistence.core
  • org.eclipse.persistence.jpa
    • org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.equinox
    • org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.equinox.weaving
    • org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.jpql - Hermes Parser
    • org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.modelgen
    • org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.osgi
    • org.eclipse.persistence.jpars
    • org.eclipse.persistence.oracle
  • org.eclipse.persistence.moxy
    • org.eclipse.persistence.dynamicxjc
    • org.eclipse.persistence.sdo
  • org.eclipse.persistence.dbws
  • org.eclipse.persistence.nosql
    • org.eclipse.persistence.oracle.nosql
  • oracle.target
  • org.eclipse.persistence.antlr
  • org.eclipse.persistence.asm


The javx.persistence library is developed within the EclipseLink project under its EPL+EDL licensing but is based on the JPA specification. It is contained in its own repository since its versions and development is dictated by the JPA expert group and its associated JSRs.

  • javax.persistence


These projects are development utilities that may depend on the runtime repository's projects but are not required by the runtime.

  • eclipselink.utils.workbench*
  • eclipselink.utils.rename
  • eclipselink.utils.sigcompare
  • eclipselink.utils.jaxb
  • org.eclipse.persistence.dbws.builder


This repository includes any code under incubation development.

Open Issues

  • The Hermes JPAQL parser is both an integrated part of the EclipseLink runtime as well as a component of the JPA tooling offered in Dali and other IDEs.
  • Currently the runtime repository contains 3rd party dependencies (as documented in IP Log). These libraries are not maintained or augmented by the EclipseLink project and should be pulled into the development, build, and test environments instead of being stored within this repository.
  • Should the JPA modelgen project be a utility? Does it have any runtime usage? Where are the associated ANT integration code and config developed?
    • org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.modelgen