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Dial In Info:

  • please contact Peter Krogh for dial in information.

The EclipseLink committers have a regular meeting (currently weekly) to discuss ongoing development issues and projects. All interested parties are welcome to attend. If you have any additional items you wished discussed please add them at the bottom of the agenda including a brief description and any relevant links. Alternatively development issues can be discussed on the EclipseLink Dev mailing list.

* When adding agenda items please send an email to the list notifying attendees. This will ensure attendees are aware of agenda items prior to the meeting.

Call Schedule

The calendar is available in the following formats:
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Agenda June 6, 2013

11 am EST, Thurs

Ad Hoc

Release Planning

  • 2.3.4 - No Planned release
    • M1 - May 10 (test process)
    • M2 - May 22 (patch request)
  • 2.4.2 - GA June?
    • RC2 - May 22 (complete)
  • 2.5.1 - GA ? (from M4 on - Milestones 3rd Wednesday of Month)
    • M1 - June 17
  • 2.6.0 - GA ?
    • M1 - ?
  • Kepler - June 26 2013 (Milestone dates are when contribution is due)
    • RC4+1 - Jun 10 (Complete - 2.5.0 Final w/P2 fix)



June 13, 2013:

  • EclipseLink to Maven Central
    • SonatypeOSS "Milestone" process needs refining and testing. (2.5.1 M1)
  • Migration to Maven
    • I have begun investigating the Maven migration
      • converted most of the plugins (prototype)
        • using to test reactor use and jpa.test requirements
      • currently investigating means of generating eclipselink.jar from bundles
  • Utilize maven to grab dependencies (revamp compdeps solution)
    • needed for jgroups (cannot add to repo, or store on Orbit)
      • using feature of tycho to get dependency from Maven (complet)
      • still may need another step to get locally for tesing
        • working on prototype
  • Issues targeted for investigation:
    • Select Bundle not working with OpenJDK
    • JPA-RS testing not running at Eclipse


June 6-13 , 2013:

  • Nightly Results
Release Test Suite Issue Summary Since Also Failed On Bug Status
2.6 0612 jpa-lrg on wls 10.3.5 1 new failure with jpa-lrg on wls 10.3.5 0612 QA investigating
  • Testing
    • 2.5.1: Verified jpars 2.5.1 on wls 12.1.1 for 2.5.1 failures are intermittent
    • 2.5.1: Verified jpa/delimited and jpa/xmlmerge-inherited errors on GlassFish 4 are intermittent
    • All GF4-original failures triaged - no issues
  • Test Dev
  • Test infrastructure é Miscellaneous
    • Integrate cleaning MySQL schema into the test infrastructure - 100%
  • This week:
    • Investigate on how to run the DBWS examples on JBoss 7
    • Investigate how automate JPA-RS tests against GlassFish 4 Web Profile (deploy WAR)
    • (backlog) Investigate why JAXB performance tests used up the disk space


  • JPA - Bug fixes
  • JPA-RS
    • JPA-RS: Respect "Accept" header for SingleResultQuery
    • JPA-RS: XMLMarshalException when executing a named query (XML) assigned
    • JPA-RS: NPE when executing a named query (JSON)





DBWS Development DBWS Roadmap 2.6

  • JPA metadata generator
    • Consolidate implementation, usable by DBWS & JPA-RS
    • Support JDBC datatypes, PL/SQL, NoSQL

EclipseLink Incubator


  • Time to create separate sub-project for incubator
    • Increase community of committers
    • Try out GIT & eGit/jGit tooling in incubator?


Bug Status

Bug reports

Foundation and JPA

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