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Dial In Info:

  • please contact Peter Krogh for dial in information.

The EclipseLink committers have a regular meeting (currently weekly) to discuss ongoing development issues and projects. All interested parties are welcome to attend. If you have any additional items you wished discussed please add them at the bottom of the agenda including a brief description and any relevant links. Alternatively development issues can be discussed on the EclipseLink Dev mailing list.

* When adding agenda items please send an email to the list notifying attendees. This will ensure attendees are aware of agenda items prior to the meeting.

Call Schedule

The calendar is available in the following formats:
Ical.gifiCal,Xml.gifATOM News Feed,Html.gifHTML

Agenda Feb 14, 2013

11 am EST, Thurs

Ad Hoc

Release Planning

  • 2.3.4 - No Planned release
    • No Plan
  • 2.4.2 - GA April
    • M5 - Feb 6 (Complete)
    • RC1 - Mar 15 (Complete)
  • 2.5.0 - GA Mid 2013 (from M4 on - Milestones 3rd Wednesday of Month)
    • Peter to Schedule release review
    • M8 - Feb 27 (Complete) (need to retro-promote to SonatypeOSS)
    • M9 - Mar 12 (Complete)
    • M10 - Apr 17
  • Kepler - June 2013 (Milestone dates are when contibution is due)
    • M5+1 - Feb 4 (2.5.0 M4)
    • M6+1 - Mar 18 (2.5.0 M9)



Feb 28, 2013:

  • Milestone Releases
    • 2.5.0 M8 complete
  • EclipseLink to Maven Central
    • Aligned Old repo metadata and processes to new OSS standards
    • Working on setting OSS scripts for initial push
      • Had to backtrack. Nexus authentication setup such that cannot reuse existing uploadToMaven script.
      • Have duplicated functionality in uploadToNexus.xml. Currently working on an initial test.
  • 2.3 Build rework.
    • Had to update uploadToMaven.xml to get publishing working again (new build)
    • Updated javax.persistence to 2.0.5 (from 2.0.4)
    • Since I'm there anyway I'm tackling the promote process as well.
  • JPA 21 testing - no progress
    • JPA Test needs to be refactored
      • Server testing should be split away
      • rework roughly 70% complete
    • JPA21 functional. Ongoing refactoring proceeding.
  • Issues targeted for investigation post JPA21 test working.
    • Select Bundle not working with OpenJDK
    • JPA-RS testing not running at Eclipse


Feb 14-21 , 2013:

  • EclipseLink Nightly Results (Updated on 2013-02-21)
    • master - 5 failures with JPA proxyauthentication test suite on jpa2.1 - investigating; 4 new failures with DBWS utils testing on JBoss-5 (both eap and community) - investigating; all tests on Glassfish-4 failed due to it's installation directory name changed - will be fixed by QA in the next build. (the last build is 2013-02-20)
    • 2.4.2 - 2 new failures with jpa no-weave testing - seems to be intermittent, need to be verified; one new failure with DBWS testing - investigating; 2 new failures with jpa on postgrsql-9 - investigating;  all tests on Glassfish-4 - same as master. (the last build is 2013-02-20)
    • 2.3.4 - no new build (the last build is 2012-11-25)
  • Testing
    • DB2 10.1 test failures - triage completed -- DB user setup issue
    • Verifying that jpa2.1 issue for advanced model is resolved with latest GlassFish 4 nightly build -- found an issue in ConverterTestSuite - bug will be filed
    • DBWS server test - LegacySimpleTableServiceTestSuite failed on non-WLS application servers - bug 399148 - found the cause & solution, but still failing on JBoss - investigating.
    • EL 2.4.2 DB certification on Win64
    • Cache co-ordination testing on WLS cluster - DHCP, win64 and Linux
  • Test Dev
    • 5 more JPA 2.1 test suites added to run against GF4
    • misc: helped developer run DBWS tests on JBoss 7.1.1
  • Test infrastructure
  • This week:
    • More JPA 2.1 test suites enabled in GF4
    • IPv4/IPv6 dual stack tests


  • JPA 2.1 work progress.
  • Mostly feature complete
    • Treat ongoing
    • Entity Graphs changing in the spec
  • JPA-RS
    • JPA-RS: Respect "Accept" header for SingleResultQuery
    • JPA-RS: XMLMarshalException when executing a named query (XML) assigned
    • JPA-RS: NPE when executing a named query (JSON)




  • Performance
    • JAXB context initialization and annotation processing during application deployment



DBWS Development DBWS Roadmap


  • Conversion from native metadata

EclipseLink Incubator


  • Time to create separate sub-project for incubator
    • Increase community of committers
    • Try out GIT & eGit/jGit tooling in incubator?


Bug Status

Bug reports

Foundation and JPA

Bugs By Target and Priority

Resolved Bugs

Created Bugs


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