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Planning: MOXy JSON Schema Generation

ER 404452

Currently EclipseLink supports generating XML Schemas from a JAXBContext. A feature will be added to generate JSON Schemas. At first this feature will be based on JAXB metadata and mappings, in the future this will be adapted to JSON-B metadata.


The development of this feature will need to be split into multiple phases. The current EclipseLink JSON support is insufficient to map to a json schema document. Additional enhancements will be required in order to generate these schemas.

Phase 1: Additional Mapping Support

JSON Schemas in several places specify collections of data where the name of the element corresponds to a property in the object. This is something that is not currently supported by eclipselink's oxm/json binding layer. This would require adding support


Mapping the list of properties on a schema. The name of the property is the key (or element) in the json schema, so this would require a variable-path mapping of some sort:

  {"properties": {

Would need to be mapped to:

public class Schema {
  List<Property> properties;
public class Property {
  String name;
  String type;

Where name maps to the key/element name of the property entry.

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