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EclipseLink JPA-RS

The EclipseLink 2.4.0 release is planning to include an easy to use RESTful interface for interacting with JPA persistence units. This page captures the requirements and design efforts. All feedback is welcome using the discussion page or through the bug 362900.




Persistence Unit Access

In order for JPA-RS to access a persistence unit it must be made available through one of the following mechanisms:

  1. Available on classpath of running JPA-RS instance so standard JPA bootstrapping can find it
  2. Provisioned: This requires a PUT call to the service to inform it of a PU
    1. Pass in all of the configuration
    2. Pass in minimal information with information about where to retrieve additional config from

Using JPA-RS with static PU

Dynamic JPA-RS


There will be no security implemented with JPA-RS. Users wishing to secure their JPA-RS access should follow standard RESTful securing practices.

Configurable Content

By default all entity types CRUD operations and named queries will be exposed by JPA-RS. This must be made configurable so developers can specify what capabilities should be exposed.

Additional URIs

In addition to the URI's for all defined named queries and entity types there should be support in JPA-RS to access server side application logic within EJB session beans.

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