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EclipseLink 2.4.0 Development Plans

This page is a working document for what is being planned and developed for EclipseLink 2.4.0, which is part of the Juno coordinated release shipping in June of 2012.


  • Build
    • Tycho/Maven Migration Incorporate the use of Tycho to generate OSGi bundles using a manifest-first methodology. This will remove the need for BND, but will rely heavily upon developers properly maintaining the manifest files.


  • JPA
    • JPA-RS: An easy to use RESTful interface for interacting with JPA persistence units and EJB session bean methods.
    • Enhanced Schema Provisioning: Schema upgrade to handle application version upgrades. Upon request the Schmea will be extended to add additional tables, columns, indexes.
    • MetadataSource support for PU Properties: bug 373120 During the bootstrap of a JPA persistence unit the Metadatasource will provide additional PU properties that can come from an external source to customize the PU properties used in the EntityManagerFactory creation.
    • Gemini JPA: With the Gemini JPA 1.0 release scheduled to come out this summer the current solution available (which we have deprecated) need to be fully transitioned to leverage the Gemini solutions. This will involve updates or migration of examples but may also involve a coordinated Gemini release if feature work is included.
    • ER 356812: Database Change Event Cache Invalidation
    • ER 350484: Cache indexes
    • ER 312146: Enhanced JPQL
    • ER 362899: Support NoSQL Databases
  • MOXy
  • DBWS
    • Parse DDL to extract database metadata. Change the way type metadata is accessed by DBWSBuilder, providing support for the following enhancement requests
      • 325124 DBWSProvider does not handle package REF CURSOR
      • 339721 DBWS should support strongly-typed package REF CURSOR
      • 339909 - DBWS should support optional argument queries
      • 329435 - DBWS does not handle %ROWTYPE mix of PL/SQL types and JDBC Advanced types
    • DBWS Generation of JAX-RS Web Services.

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