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EclipseLink 2.4.0 Development Plans

This page is a working document for what is being planned and developed for EclipseLink 2.4.0, which is part of the Juno coordinated release shipping in June of 2012.


  • Build
    • Tycho/Maven Migration Incorporate the use of Tycho to generate OSGi bundles using a manifest-first methodology. This will remove the need for BND, but will rely heavily upon developers properly maintaining the manifest files.


  • MOXy
  • DBWS
    • Parse DDL to extract database metadata. Change the way type metadata is accessed by DBWSBuilder, providing support for the following enhancement requests
      • 325124 DBWSProvider does not handle package REF CURSOR
      • 339721 DBWS should support strongly-typed package REF CURSOR
      • 339909 - DBWS should support optional argument queries
      • 329435 - DBWS does not handle %ROWTYPE mix of PL/SQL types and JDBC Advanced types
    • DBWS Generation of JAX-RS Web Services.

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