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EclipseLink/Development/2.1/AdvancedJPA Queries/FetchGroup

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EclipseLink 2.1: Enhanced FetchGroup Support

This feature will enhance EclipseLink's existing FetchGroup support to include the following additional features:

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Previous FetchGroup Functionality

In 2.0 and earlier releases of EclipseLink FetchGroup had the following functionality:

  • Requires the entity class to implement FetchGroupTracker, which is generally only added during weaving.
  • Supported single level attributes only
  • The attributes specified and required (identify and version locking columns) are read on the initial query
  • Requests for attributes not in the FetchGroup will be loaded together on a request for an un-fetched attribute (2 level load only).
  • Relationship attributes
    • 1:1/M:1 attributes in the FetchGroup will have their FK columns read
    • Collection attributes ...




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