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Design Specification: Remote JPA

ER 390352


Document History

Date Author Version Description & Notes
2012-10-03 James 0.1 Draft

Project overview

Remote JPA would allow access to the JPA API from a remote Java client. This would allow fat Java clients to access the richness of the JPA API, and not require a data transfer layer. This can avoid the need for remote SessionBeans, merging, and data transfer objects. It provides querying, transactions, change tracking, and lazy relationship support on the Java client.

It could also be used in distributed architectures to perform database intensive work closer to the database, for more optimal interaction.


  • fat-client -
  • RMI -


  • query execution
  • transaction/unit of work
  • change tracking, flushing
  • lazy relationships
  • load groups, eager relationships

Design Constraints

  • security
  • communication protocol
  • serialization


Leverages existing Remote Session functionality.


JPA EntityManager suite.


Native API

Config files


Should be documented under a new Remote JPA section.

Open Issues

Issue # Owner Description / Notes
1 Can unit of work commit only send changes, instead of objects? Currently sends both, commit currently requires objects.
2 What communication protocols should be supported? Currently RMI, maybe CORBA.


Issue Description / Notes Decision

Future Considerations