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[edit] Design Specification: JGroups

ER 282074


[edit] Document History

Date Author Version Description & Notes
2013-05-01 James 0.1 Draft

[edit] Project overview

This project will add JGroups support for cache coordination.

[edit] Concepts

JGroups is an open source multi-cast communications library.

[edit] Requirements

Support JGroups option for cache coordination.

[edit] Design Constraints

JGroups is a third party library, so the compile/runtime dependencies must be managed correctly. JGroups should not be required to use EclipseLink.

[edit] Functionality

  • Add RCM JGroupTransportManager and JGroupConnection classes.

[edit] API

  • JGroupTransportManager

[edit] Config files

[edit] persistence.xml

  • "eclipselink.cache.coordination.protocol"="jgroups"
  • "eclipselink.cache.coordination.jgroups.config"="<optional-jgroups-config-file>"

[edit] Documentation

Need to document JGroups option under cache coordination. Need to document how to deploy to WebLogic and Glassfish.

[edit] Open Issues

Issue # Owner Description / Notes

[edit] Decisions

Issue # Description / Notes Decision

[edit] Future Considerations

  • Support other communications frameworks.