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Design Specification: JMX MBean Support


Document History

Date Author Version Description & Notes
2008-06-23 Michael O 0.1 Starting Draft

Project overview

This enhancement will add JMX MBean support to EclipseLink



Based on JMX 1.2 and JMX Remote API 1.0

[JMX MBeans in WebLogic 10]


Phase 1: WebLogic 10.3 MBean support

  • R1: Enable JMX MBean Support for WebLogic
    • R1.1: Enable predeploy MBean registration
    • R1.2: Enable application managed lazy-load MBean registration (post-deploy)

Phase 2: Generic MBean support

    • R2: Enable JMX MBean support for generic J2EE servers

Design Constraints

Design / Functionality

Predeploy Registration

Lazy Registration

Here the application can manage registration/deregistration of the MBeans by using a SessionCustomizer in conjunction with a listener on either a servlet or session bean within the JEE application.

  • SessionCustomizer
  • Listener

You must configure the EclipseLink Mbeans in the EAR/meta-inf via a weblogic-application.xml descriptor entry.

<!DOCTYPE application PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD J2EE Application 1.3//EN"  "">
<weblogic-application xmlns="">


A formal JMX J2SE client test suite is required.




Config files


Open Issues

Issue # Owner Description / Notes


Issue # Description / Notes Decision

Future Considerations

During the research for this project the following items were identified as out of scope but are captured here as potential future enhancements. If agreed upon during the review process these should be logged in the bug system.

  • OC4J specific MBean support

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