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The Eclipse Persistence Services Project (EclipseLink) provides a comprehensive set of persistence infrastructure with a common foundation. The project is divided up into several components addressing the various persistence services and supporting infrastructure to assist consumers in their use of the project. These components are reflected in the source repository and the bug database.

!! Foundation

!! JPA - Currently called ORM

!! MOXy - Currently called OXM

!! Service Data Objects (SDO) - Does not exist yet

!! Database Web Services (DBWS) - Does not exist yet

!! Enterprise information Systems (EIS) - Does not yet exist

!! Utils

A set of utilities to assist customer in their development and runtime usage of EclipseLink

  • Migration
    • Package Re-name utility
    • Oracle TopLink Migration Tool
    • TopLink Essentials Migration Tool
  • Workbench: Standalone mapping tool supporting externalized XML mapping

!! Documentation

The EclipseLink project offers a rich set of documentation maintained on the wiki. This component will enable tracking of bugs and enhancement requests in bugzilla for this content.

!! Examples

One of the key success criteria of a runtime framework is providing access to a rich set of examples that consumers can try to quickly gain knowledge of how the various persistence services and features work. This component will deliver a comprehensive set of examples maintained and tested for each milestone and release.

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