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Take Pleasure in Holland Park

Holland Park is a district located in the Royal borough of Kensington & Chelsea. This area of West London is a prominent part of the city, known for its prestigious shops bars and restaurants. Its grand Victorian houses and huge open spaces are dotted about this affluent area. Holland Park itself, refers to the horticultural parkland, which complements the otherwise urban setting that London is known for.

Those that reside in this area are prone to taking a Holland Park taxi to and from their home. This is not because the area isn’t so well connected, but because travelling in style is what the wealthy to. The Central line of the London Underground serves Holland Park with its very own tube station with the same name. A Ride in a Holland Park Taxis Getting to and from this area is no problem, if you wish to do so by public transport. However, if you wish to secure yourself a ride in a private hire vehicle to Holland Park, than this is a good idea. Especially if are coming to the area for dinner or drinks.

There a number of places to eat here, ranging from the most luxury of eateries, to some a little bit more laid back. If you are looking to eat in the area, then you might as well go all out. Plush Holland Park shouldn’t be done in halves. Not that we are suggesting you splurge a great deal on your plastic, of course. To compromise, we have found somewhere that everyone will love. Combining a quaint, traditional feel with an air of style, The Windsor Castle is a perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening.

Those that already know about this public house have frequented here a number of time for not only the real ales, world beers and fine wines but the delicious pub grub too. The warm, relaxed ambience is welcoming to many of the people residing in the nearby areas, and even those from a little further afield. Furnished with dark but warm tables, chairs and counter tops with addition of trinkets and antique-looking mirrors.

When it comes to choosing the right day to venture here, the choice is yours. There is plenty of opportunity when it comes to this pub, A Step ahead to Book a Holland Park Taxi everyday you can enjoy the comfortable setting of this establishment. Although, we really do recommend a jaunt here on a Sunday for a roast dinner. We’re talking crispy potatoes, tender meats and lashings of gravy - hold the over-boiled veg. Afterwards, take the weight off your feet and relax on the sofas with a paper or a book. When you’ve filled up on fine grub and drank plenty of wine or beer, call for a Holland Park taxi to take you home. You don’t want to exert too much energy now do you.

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