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Revision as of 14:38, 23 October 2009 by (Talk | contribs) (Windows Vista and Windows 7 64 Bit Development)

EclipseLink 64 Bit Development

  • This page details issues surrounding running EclipseLink in an Eclipse IDE environment on 64 bit OS platforms like Vista 64 or Linux 64.
  • The following enhancement # 286004 tracks 64 bit issues and fixes to enable EclipseLink development on 64 bit Vista.
    • Note: Eclipse 3.5 64-bit edition requires the use of a 64-bit JVM (it will not function with a 32-bit JVM)

Windows Vista and Windows 7 64 Bit Development

  • This page in progress as of 11 Aug 2009
  • Windows 7 64 bit was installed on 23 Oct 2009
  • Get a 64 bit capable CPU (A Pentium IV 630 will do but we will be testing on an Intel Corei7 920)
  • Get a lot of memory - like 12GB - (remember in a 64 bit OS - emulated 32 bit memory will be used twice as fast - so 8GB behaves like 4GB - I therefore recommend getting 64 bit versions of all software and
    • 3GB if you are running a database on another machine
    • 6GB if you run a database like Oracle 11 on the same development machine
    • 8GB if you run both the Application Server and database on the same development machine
  • Get SUN 1.6.0 64 Bit JVM
  • Get Eclipse 3.5 64 Bit edition
  • Get TortoiseSVN 64 Bit edition


282012: Core LRG requires increase to 2048MB heap during final XML processing

  • The following screen capture of the core LRG testing illustrates how the heap dramatically increases during the final step of the ant tests where we create an XML report of the results - this is not related to heap recovery during GC processing.

Core lrg 1024 on i7 12gb reaches 512 but xml proc spike req 1536 .jpg


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