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Under Construction

Licensing Issues

We are still sorting through some licensing issues for some of the libraries we depend on and upgrading code to use libraries that are EPL compliant. In the mean time, you may be able to use the following information to build the various projects.

SVN Structure

At the moment, all code can be found in the org.eclipse.persistence/trunk directory on the technology SVN server. The following directories are designed to be compilable sub-components of EclipseLink. They each contain an src directory and potentially a resource directory that the files necessary for building and running.


  • foundation/core - the core of EclipseLink
  • foundation/ - extensions that require Oracle-specific libraries for compilation. You will not be able to build these extensions until some of the licensing issues have been sorted out. The compiled classes will be checked in soon so that people without those dependancies can use the compiled classes.
  • jpa/core - EclipseLink's JPA support
  • foundation/core.lib - this will contain all the libraries the core depends on to build.


  • foundation/core.test - the core testing for EclipseLink
  • foundation/ - the testing for EclipseLink's Oracle-specific functionality. Like the directory, this will only build after some licensing issues have been sorted out.
  • jpa/core.test - the JPA tests for EclipseLink


Until our dependancies have been checked in, you should be able to build use the following dependancies to do some simple builds.

  1. foundation.core depends on the following
    1. javaee.jar - you can get this by downloading Sun's JavaEE SDK
    2. antlr-runtime-3.0.jar - you can get this by downloading ANTLR 3.0 from the ANTLR website
    3. ant - this is already an Eclipse plug-in you should be able to point to it in your Eclipse install
    4. ASM - compiled classes are checked-in to foundation/core.lib/asm/classes
  2. jpa.core foundation.core and all it's libraries

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