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General (Multi-branch)

  • Finish Git repo topology and build migration tasks
  • Establish Maven Central Publishing process
    • Doug needs both sites functional until transition complete
      • Need to align old processes to newer standards to streamline transition
        • 90% complete. Need to check into some possible anomolies.
      • SonatypeOSS prototype script nearly complete
        • New standards require parsing of Versions to have both full and 3-part strings avaialble
          • completed additional custom ant code for "stripQualifier" last night
          • Anticipate incorporation of code by end-of-week. Hopefully sooner.

EclipseLink 2.5 (Kepler)

  • Enable JPA 2.1, and 2.0 compatability testing
    • Preliminary rework to enable complete
    • Follow-up rework to streamline build for further reorg roughly 70% complete
  • Milestone 7 delayed to End of week?
    • MAven reowrk
    • JPA instabilities

EclipseLink 2.4 (Juno)

  • Need official descision on SR2 (currenlty using 2.4.1)

Backlog of development items (Build)

New Items

  1. Release Planning Dates for 2.4
    • New Milestone?
    • Release Date?

Weekly target Items

Week of: Jan 7-13

  1. EclipseLink to Maven Central
    • Working on aligning old process to new, and streamlining
    • New Ant task created for Sonatype publishing
    • Need to verify publish still good, then will enable push to Sonatype
  2. Milestones:
    • M7 for 2.5.0 pending
  3. OSSA Training
  4. Establish a "Maven repo validation" test

Ongoing Projects

  1. Git migration (repo topology completion)
    • Updating Build documentation - in progress
    • Removal of dependencies from repo: pending
    • Removal of Releng: Complete
    • Removal of Utils: investingating
      • Selective history pull from all branches (from Git, not SVN)
      • History & tree merge of two Git repos
      • What to do with dbws utils?
    • Removal of javax.persistence: Complete
    • Removal of asm: pending
    • Removal of antlr: pending
    • Removal of hermes: re-evaluating
      • especially since contains both runtime and UI code, should probably live separately (would allow out of EL stream patching)
  2. Git build rework
    • Finalize distributed repo and local dependency materialization build model
      • to allow removal of binary dependencies from repos
      • multi tier build/repo interdependencies
    • Integration of tools components into 2.5 build
      • finalizing publish and web generation script changes.
      • Has Own Hudson Job
      • add testing to nightly build - pending
      • Anticipate Eclipselink nightly process will pull in published P2 artifacts (P2 publish pending)
    • Oracle bundle generation.
      • 2.4 and 2.5 Complete (2.3 Pending)
      • need to establish automated nightly build server
    • Split "test" job from build job: Future
    • Milestone promotion
      • 2.3 pending
  3. EclipseLink jar to Maven Central
    • need PGP identity for signing.
    • investigating publishing through Sonatype
  4. Remove old build pathways (no BND)
    • May need to keep for some dev processes
  5. JPA test rework (post 2.1 enabling)
    • needs to be split (build xml 92 pages long)
    • Splitting Server-side configurations from existing buildfile may cover upwords of 60% of cleanup
  6. SelectBundle Failing on Open JDK
    • Worked until Mid Nov
    • Edwin forwarding Logs