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This page is a landing page dedicated to Infrastructure related issues for the EclipseLink project.

Download Infrastructure

P2 Update Sites

EclipseLink currently organizes its update sites in the following manner: Release Site(s): The latest available release can be found at: http://download.eclipse.org/rt/eclipselink/updates Past releases can be found in a version specific subdirectory under that site. For example: http://download.eclipse.org/rt/eclipselink/updates/1.1.3

Nightly and milestone releases are stored similarly. However, it should be noted that due to space restrictions only the latest milestone or nightly build for releases currently under development are made available. http://download.eclipse.org/rt/eclipselink/incremental-updates/milestone/<version> http://download.eclipse.org/rt/eclipselink/incremental-updates/milestone/<version>

P2 organization

The Project update site is centered around catagorized features. Currently, all project update repositories are categorized under "EclipseLink" and "EclipseLink Source", though do to a bug currently under development most release sites do not show the categories properly.

EclipseLink is currently made up of six (6) features. They are: EclipseLink JPA (org.eclipse.persistence.jpa) EclipseLink MOXy (org.eclipse.persistence.moxy) EclipseLink SDO (org.eclipse.persistence.sdo) EclipseLink JPA Source (org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.source) EclipseLink MOXy Source (org.eclipse.persistence.moxy.source) EclipseLink SDO Source (org.eclipse.persistence.sdo.source)

Though the jar name of the feature is similar to an EclipseLink bundle of the same name, the two do not conflict because the feature (or in p2 parlance: the Installable Unit) is stored separately from the bundles it installs/includes.

There is a proposal on the table to simplify this offering by making a single "EclipseLink SDK" available. If approved, it will likely be structured as an additional feature that includes only the other EclipseLink features (for backward compatability, and other reasons).

Feature content

The EclipseLink features are not 'nested', but rather are designed as completely autonomous units specific to the utilization of specific EclipseLink functionality. So though every 'feature' depends upon the EclipseLink core, there is no "Core feature". Instead "EclipseLink JPA" groups together all libraries (both project and external) that are distributable and are needed for developing and running an EclipseLink JPA application. The same is true of the MOXy and SDO features. This decision was made because it was felt to be more 'developer-centric', more easily understood and resulted in a less cluttered 'update' display.

It has been requested that a breakdown be made available of the bundles included in each feature outside of the xml projects used to create them (thus sparing the reader from having to understand the "feature.xml" layout). Given the changing nature of these dependencies I will outline the dependencies for the latest release currently under development (2.1.0), with the caveat that the ultimate autority is the feature.xml stored in the "features" subproject of EclipseLink's SVN repository.

EclipseLink JPA (org.eclipse.persistence.jpa):


EclipseLink MOXy (org.eclipse.persistence.moxy):

EclipseLink SDO (org.eclipse.persistence.sdo):

EclipseLink JPA Source (org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.source):


EclipseLink MOXy Source (org.eclipse.persistence.moxy.source):

EclipseLink SDO Source (org.eclipse.persistence.sdo.source):

Downloadable Content

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Source Zip

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