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Build Requirements

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Automated Build Schedule

EclipseLink utilizes automated build processes and methodologies for nearly all aspects of build processing. In some cases, like milestone and release publication, the automated processes are manually initiated. While others, the continuous and nightly integration builds, are initiated automatically via Hudson (https://hudson.eclipse.org/hudson/view/EclipseLink/). For a more detailed discussion of the automated processes see the EclipseLink/Infrastructure page.

Nightly build schedule by branch

'Master: 12:05a nightly
2.4: 1:35a nightly
2.3: 3:05a nightly

Continuous build schedule

Master: On the hour (6a-8p daily)
2.4: 20 minutes after the hour (6a-8p daily)
2.3: 40 minutes after the hour (6a-8p daily)

All times are EDT.

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