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Build Requirements

Past requirements used in designing the build

  • Need reproducable Build automation quickly
  • EclipseLink component builds need to be runnable on other non-eclipse IDEs (IntelliJ, JDev, etc)
  • EclipseLink component builds need to be able to execute from either the hierarchical (SVN) tree, or a flat directory structure (all components at the same level

Moving Forward

  • EclipseLink needs to shift from the old JEE to OSGi centric organization
    • Builds should rely upon the manifest info for compile and runtime dependency info/versioning
    • Any given component should build only when the component code changes
    • Bundle version info should be updated per actual component build (split marketing and bundle versioning)
    • 'Features' should dynamically generate (currently mostly hard-coded)
    • Nightly should use same system, or at least not interfere at all with Eclipse/Dev builds

Automated Build Schedule

EclipseLink utilizes automated build processes and methodologies for nearly all aspects of build processing. In some cases, like milestone and release publication, the automated processes are manually initiated. While others, the continuous and nightly integration builds, are initated automatically via crontab. For a more detailed discussion of the automated processes see the EclipseLink/Infrastructure page.

Nightly builds

'Trunk: 12:05a nightly
2.1.1: 1:35a nightly
2.0.3: 3:05a SuTThSa
1.2.1: 3:05a MWF

Continuous builds

Trunk: On the hour (6a-8p daily)
2.1.1: 20 minutes after the hour (6a-8p daily)
2.0.3: 40 minutes after the hour (6a-8p daily)

All times are EDT. The crontab entries can be directly viewed in cron.txt which is stored in the /buildsystem directory of the trunk branch in our svn repository.

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