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EclipseDay At Googleplex/Session Abstacts

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Eclipse @ eBay

Michael Galpin, eBay

Eclipse is great for Java development. Eclipse is great for web development. Eclipse is great for Java web development. The list goes on, but as your business becomes bigger, more specialized and more demanding, chances are that you won't find exactly what you need on that list. So what do you turn to? Eclipse. See how eBay uses the Eclipse you know and love, but also builds on top of it to handle its unique challenges.

About Michael Galpin:
Michael Galpin is an architect at eBay. He has worked on various projects in the past including eBay Neighborhoods, the next generation of My eBay, as well as eBay's own web development framework, V4. He also is a frequent writer for IBM developerWorks,, and the Java Developer's Journal. He has been programming professionally for 10+ years and holds a degree in mathematics from the California Institute of Technology.

What's New in CDT Ganymede

Sergey Prigogin, Google

CDT Ganymede (a.k.a. 5.0) will be released by the end of June. This tech talk will introduce new features in CDT 5.0 and the most important bugs fixed in this release.

Introduction to Equinox and OSGi

Alex Alves, BEA Systems/Oracle

Equinox is the core runtime platform for Eclipse. It is also an implementation of the OSGi specification. This session will introduce the key concepts of OSGi and show how you can build server applications using Equinox components, including Spring-DM for assembly and configuration.

About Alexandre Alves
Alex Alves is a computer scientist at BEA Systems/Oracle. Alex has worked with technologies such as real-time, CORBA, JEE, Web Services and OSGi for the past decade. He is currently the Architect for WebLogic Event Server, a light-weight application-server specific for event processing.

Tools Make the Difference: GWT in Eclipse

Bruce Johnson, Google

Building high-performance Ajax easily with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) in Eclipse has always been possible, but soon it will be downright easy. Bruce will present GWT's upcoming Eclipse plugin that helps novices get started and lets experts fly.

Android's Eclipse Toolset

Xavier Ducrohet, Google

An important and often overlooked part of creating a development platform is to provide a good tool suite. Android comes with high-quality tools integrated with Eclipse. Xavier will present these tools and discuss some of the things that were discovered while creating them.

How Mylyn Changes the Way I Develop

Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Eclipse Foundation

Mylyn is an Eclipse project that gives tasks first-class status in the developer workspace. In this presentation Bjorn will show how task focused programming simplifies his (developer) life. Mylyn makes it easier for him to maintain focus while switching between tasks and to collaborate on tasks with geographically and time-zone disparate developers. Fair warning though: once you've started using Mylyn, you never want to return to the old ways.

About Bjorn Freeman-Benson:
Bjorn is the Director for Committer Community at the Eclipse Foundation, a position that is tailor-made for someone with his keen interest and experience in building high-quality software with geographically distributed teams. He has dabbled in applications and user interfaces, but returns, like the swallows to San Juan Capistrano, to his three foci: hardware, software and process (embedded devices, programming languages and software engineering). Bjorn has worked for OTI,, Rational and Gemstone, along with a career as a university professor. He has an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Washington, and is happy to talk at length about his passion for orienteering and/or his love of flying.

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