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EclipseDay At Googleplex

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Eclipse Day at the Googleplex is a half day event for developers to learn about different Eclipse projects and related technologies. You are invited to attend and listen as experts from the Eclipse projects, Google and eBay share their experiences of using Eclipse. It's also a great opportunity for you to meet and network with other Eclipse enthusiasts. There is no cost to attend, but pre-registration is required.

Registration is full as of June 3. We have also closed the waiting list as of June 16.

As an alternative, there is an Eclipse DemoCamp on June 26, 7:00pm - 9:30pm, organized and hosted by Actuate at their office, 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway in San Mateo. See more information on the San Mateo DemoCamp.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
1:00pm - 7:30pm

Room: Grand Teton
1501 Salado Road
Mountain View, CA

Thanks very much to the Google Open Source office for hosting this event.


Time Track 1 - Ames Monument Room Track 2 - Grand Teton Room
1:00-2:00 Main Tent Session: Eclipse @ eBay - Michael Galpin, eBay
2:00-2:50 What's New in CDT Ganymede - Sergey Prigogin, Google How Mylyn Changes the Way I Develop - Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Eclipse Foundation
2:50-3:00 Break
3:00-3:50 Introduction to Equinox and OSGi - Alex Alves, BEA Systems/Oracle Tools Make the Difference: GWT in Eclipse - Bruce Johnson, Google
3:50-4:10 Break
4:10-5:00 Building Great RIA with ATF - Philippe Ombredanne, nexB Plug-in Development Tips and Tricks - Chris Aniszczyk, Code9
5:10-6:00 Android's Eclipse Toolset - Xavier Ducrohet, Google Wiring Hacker Synapses: Collaborative Coding and Team Tooling in Eclipse - Scott Lewis, Composent, Mustafa K. Isik

6:00-7:30 Reception

All Session Abstracts

Attendee Registration

Registration and the waiting list are now full. Questions can be sent to Lynn at the e-mail address <lynn at eclipse dot org>.

Name, Company:

  1. Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation
  2. Robert Konigsberg, Google
  3. Maksim Ustinov, Cisco Systems
  4. Doug Chesney, LucidEra, Inc.
  5. Tony Peppler,, Inc.
  6. Dmitry Serebrennikov, Adchemy Inc.
  7. Bradley Jones, Cloudshield Technologies
  8. Jeff Miller, Google
  9. Ivan Kelembetov, ameria GmbH
  10. Kelly Campbell, Google
  11. John Kline, Google
  12. Terry Parker, Google
  13. Sean Sullivan, Google
  14. Lee Schumacher, Google
  15. Brett Chabot, Google
  16. Radim Kubacki, Google
  17. Marius Milner, Google
  18. Walfredo Cirne, Google
  19. Bradley Hawkes, Google
  20. Jeff Regan, Google
  21. Wenbo Zhu, Google
  22. Alex Le, Google
  23. German Borbolla, Google
  24. Benjamin Aranguren, HSTX
  25. Richard Fetik, Data Confidential
  26. Olaf Schneider, Cadence Design Systems
  27. Mike Achenbach, Vendavo Inc.
  28. Wes Isberg
  29. John Schneider, Abaqus Inc.
  30. Rob Glover
  31. Vishnupriyan Venkatesan, Oracle
  32. Kedar Mhaswade, Sun Microsystems Inc.
  33. Kevin Nilson, Silicon Valley Google Technology User Group
  34. Peter Zen
  35. Ashvin Radiya, AvantSoft, Inc.
  36. Vibha Dixit, AvantSoft, Inc.
  37. Jay Deleanu, Synopsys Corporation
  38. Rob Cameron, Juniper Networks
  39. Meiji Wang, Juniper Networks
  40. Ramana Anasuri, E*TRADE Financial
  41. Pashupathi Kura, Savi Technology, Inc.
  42. Doug Morgan, Google
  43. Jayashree Beltur, E*TRADE Financial
  44. Anil Chellani, E*TRADE Financial
  45. Maleka Sankaragal, E*TRADE Financial
  46. Rob Helmer, CustomWeather, Inc.
  47. Geoff Flint, CustomWeather, Inc.
  48. Lynda Leung, CustomWeather, Inc.
  49. Nandha Srinivasan, E*TRADE Financial
  50. John Nguyen, E*TRADE Financial
  51. Krishna Kumar, Cognizant
  52. Ram Prasad, Cognizant
  53. Norm Smith, E*TRADE Financial
  54. Mahesh Kumar, E*TRADE Financial
  55. Ran Tao, E*TRADE Financial
  56. Sharada Bettadahally, E*TRADE Financial
  57. Victor Huang, E*TRADE Financial
  58. Sanjay Sharma, E*TRADE Financial
  59. Vikram Kannan, E*TRADE Financial
  60. Hariharan Vijayakumar, Cognizant
  61. Mallikarjuna Rao Talari, E*TRADE Financial
  62. Hozefa Shiyaji, E*TRADE Financial
  63. Chris Aniszczyk, Code9
  64. Manish Madhusoodan, E*TRADE Financial
  65. Abinov Vishen, E*TRADE Financial
  66. John Brinnand, eBay
  67. Meizhen Huang, E*TRADE Financial
  68. Tim Cook, Coherent Logix Inc.
  69. Milivoje Cvjetinovic, The Thomas Kinkade Company
  70. Gurbir Singh, Synopsys, Inc.
  71. Ehud Kaldor, EMC²
  72. Scott Jones, On-Site Manager Inc.
  73. Joseph Dean, On-Site Manager Inc.
  74. Raghu Srinivasan, Oracle Inc.
  75. Michael Jonath, Software AG
  76. Reshma Shetty, Software AG
  77. Greg Kim, Netflix
  78. James E. Ervin Groovy Eclipse/Eclipse Monkey
  79. Aniruddha Shevade, Software AG
  80. Michelle Yen, Software AG
  81. Andrea Plesnarski, Software AG
  82. Lakshmi Gubbala, Software AG
  83. Korin Yang, Software AG
  84. Joseph Wofford, Rearden Commerce
  85. Mayank Jaiswal, Audible Magic
  86. Stan Chan, Rearden Commerce
  87. Tom McGee, State of California, Air Resources Board
  88. Kamlesh Sangani, Rearden Commerce
  89. Hossein Akhlaghpour, Rearden Commerce
  90. Harald Rudell, Filmsoft
  91. Henry Luis, Echelon Corporation
  92. Raul Bajales, Globant
  93. Karl Osterlund, Echelon Corporation
  94. Yufen Kuo, MontaVista Software
  95. Thomas Wilsher, Rearden Commerce
  96. German Viscuso, db4objects, Inc.
  97. Tim Chiu, Symyx Technologies
  98. Mel Chung
  99. Charles Rand, CDC Software
  100. Ketan Bhanushali, E*TRADE Financial
  101. Ray Valdes, Gartner Inc.
  102. Siamak (Ash) Ashrafi
  103. Ken Aung, Rearden Commerce
  104. Jeremy Osborne
  105. Al Thompson
  106. Rashmeet Singh, E*TRADE Financial
  107. Newton Chan, Foothill College
  108. Aarthi Mohan, eBay
  109. Durga Gududuntla, eBay
  110. Joep Rottinghuis, eBay
  111. Yogesh Chobe, Coherent Logix Inc.
  112. Mike Forster, Google
  113. Luiz-Otavio Zorzella, Google
  114. Tina Nguyen, Google
  115. Kotturu Chakravarthy, Google
  116. Park Kittipatkul, Google
  117. Rob Clevenger, Google
  118. Michael Galpin, eBay
  119. Philippe Ombredanne, nexB
  120. Sergey Prigogin, Google
  121. Scott Lewis, Composent
  122. Mustafa K. Isik
  123. Alex Alves, BEA Systems/Oracle
  124. Bruce Johnson, Google
  125. Xavier Ducrohet, Google
  126. Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Eclipse Foundation
  127. Christian Kurzke, Motorola
  128. Ben Lindahl, Google


Waiting List

  1. Wen Huang
  2. Angel Dzhigarov, Google
  3. Patrick Deloulay, QuikCycle, Inc.
  4. Srdjan Pantic, 2Wire, Inc.
  5. Ashish Makani, Purdue Grad Student
  6. Vincent Chin
  7. Nick Chalko, Google
  8. Vicente Ordonez, Google
  9. Alfredo Bencomo, Code TI, NASA Ames Research Center
  10. Steve Bilan
  11. Chris DiGiano, Google
  12. Ashutosh Arora, Samavaya
  13. Seth Jennings, AT&T West
  14. Glenn Abernethy, AT&T West
  15. Ed Murphy, ITI Associates
  16. Shailesh Mangal, D Software Inc.
  17. Colin Flournoy, IAR Systems Software, Inc.
  18. C Lee


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