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EclipseCon Web Site Design

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We Need your help !

Our goal is to improve the usability and functionality of the EclipseCon website. Submissions should reflect the guidelines outlined here. The winning proposal(s) will win one free conference registration to EclipseCon 2009.

EclipseCon Lifecycle

The EclipseCon web site is interesting in the fact that the web site goes through an annual lifecycle with four distinct phases. The functionality of the web site needs to reflect those changes in its design.

Phase 1 - Recruit Submissions (this is where we are for 2009)

At this time the keynotes have been selected and we are currently accepting proposals for talks. We have two goals at this point:

  • Convince people to submit good talks
    • Introduce Categories
    • Describe Submission Process
    • Introduce Program Committee
  • Generate enthusiasm about EclipseCon
  • Recruit sponsors

Phase 2 - Recruit Attendees (January through Mid-March)

The talks have all been select, we are now trying to attract attendees to the conference.

  • Generate enthusiasm about EclipseCon
  • Allow attendees to plan their conference
  • Provide concrete rationalization why someone should be allowed to attend the conference.
  • Recruit / Promote Sponsors

Phase 3 - Empower Attendees

This is the two weeks immediately prior to the conference and the time during the conference.

  • Help attendees figure out their schedule
  • Facilitate meeting and interaction of conference attendees
    • Share recommendations
    • Promote Live Blogging
    • Create ad-hoc gatherings (discussion, code, BOFs...)
  • Provide feedback on talks
  • Distribute conference materials (slides, exercises, etc.)
  • Promote/Recognize sponsors

Phase 4 - Archive

The conference is over.

  • Provide a review of conference high points
  • Make conference materials available
  • Good linkage into the search engines

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