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* Contact: Stephan Eberle
* Contact: Stephan Eberle
* Contact: Cristiano De Alti

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We're running a poster session at EclipseCon Europe for new Eclipse projects (and proposals) in 2013.


[edit] Description

Come and see some of the newest Eclipse and PolarSys projects! We have assembled some of the new and exciting projects that have joined Eclipse in 2013 into this poster session. Come and meet with the project committers, and learn about the innovative technology being developed at Eclipse.

[edit] Logistics

The session runs from 10:30-13:30 on Thursday, October 31/2013.

[edit] Projects

Participating projects will be provided with space for a A0 poster (you'll need to prepare your own content).

See a photo of a poster board here.

[edit] Eclipse Smart Home

  • Kai Kreuzer

[edit] Winery

  • Contact: Oliver Kopp

[edit] ArCon

  • Contact: Gert Johansson

[edit] Pop, Polychrony on Polarsys

  • Contact: Loïc Besnard

[edit] EMF Parsley

  • Contact: Lorenzo Bettini

[edit] EATOP

  • Contact: Stephan Eberle

[edit] Kura

  • Contact: Cristiano De Alti