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This page collects available tutorials on writing applications who are targeting the Eclipse 4.0 Application Platform/SDK.

The Eclipse 4.0 Application Platform - An Introduction to e4 (Tom Schindl)

by Tom Schindl

This 60 page tutorial accompanied by the source code for a fully running application introduces the reader to the core concepts of the Eclipse 4.0 Application Platform.


The tutorial is available from Toms Blog

Eclipse RCP based on Eclipse 4.2 (Eclipse e4) - Tutorial (Lars Vogel)

by Lars Vogel

Complete Eclipse RCP Tutorial based on 4.2 Tutorial


The tutorial is available from at: Eclipse RCP based on Eclipse 4.2 (Eclipse e4) - Tutorial

Leveraging Eclipse 4 API to Build Components for the Future (Webinar)

by Eric Moffatt

This is a webinar that covers the major parts of the e4 architecture / API upon which Eclipse 4 is based. It also presents a code pattern that will allow an eclipse view to be presented wherever you want (Wizard page, Dialog...).


This is the project used to create the Wizard Page shown above:

Just unzip it and add it to your workspace. Then running an inner will show a new entry in the 'New...' dropdown called 'Local Views' (which is the page you see above)

The tutorial is available at Eclipse Live - Webinar

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