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This page collects available tutorials on writing applications who are targeting the Eclipse 4.0 Application Platform/SDK.

Eclipse RCP based on Eclipse 4.2 (Eclipse e4) - Tutorial (Lars Vogel)

by Lars Vogel

Complete Eclipse RCP Tutorial based on 4.2 Tutorial


The tutorial is available from at: Eclipse RCP based on Eclipse 4.2 (Eclipse e4) - Tutorial

The Eclipse 4.0 Application Platform - An Introduction to e4 (Tom Schindl)

by Tom Schindl

This 60 page tutorial accompanied by the source code for a fully running application introduces the reader to the core concepts of the Eclipse 4.0 Application Platform.


The tutorial is available from Toms Blog

Jonas Helming (EclipseSource) Eclipse 4 Tutorial

This is a blog series by Maximilian Koegel and Jonas Helming of EclipseSource.

Leveraging Eclipse 4 API to Build Components for the Future (Webinar)

by Eric Moffatt

This is a webinar that covers the major parts of the e4 architecture / API upon which Eclipse 4 is based. It also presents a code pattern that will allow an eclipse view to be presented wherever you want (Wizard page, Dialog...).


This is the project used to create the Wizard Page shown above:

Just unzip it and add it to your workspace. Then running an inner will show a new entry in the 'New...' dropdown called 'Local Views' (which is the page you see above)

The tutorial is available at Eclipse Live - Webinar

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